"The first Ethiopian restaurant created in Paris," Entoto "opened in 1983, making it the oldest restaurant in France in its specialty. It is located at 143-145 rue Léon-Maurice Nordmann, in an area rich in artists' studios where many writers such as Cioran, Beckett and Vialatte lived. The Entoto restaurant is open every evening from Monday to Sunday from 19:00 to 00:00. A question is often asked:

"What does Entoto mean? ". It is a mountain or group of hills, 3200 m above sea level, located north of Addis Ababa, where Menelik II, king of Chewa, established his camp from 1881, following an old tradition, at the Ethiopian rulers, moving the capital. Entoto offers a strategic position and a breathtaking view of the surrounding plain. Subsequently, the Empress Taïtu moved her court on the Addis Ababa plateau preferring the mild climate and its thermal springs to the blizzard of the high hills of Entoto. " Source: www.marmitoo.com